Ein Film von Ulrike Feser, Nicolas Siepen, Tim Stüttgen

2011, 37 min., miniDV PAL

2012 Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien (TopKino Wien)
2012 odds-project, Odda/Hordaland, Norwegen
2011 b_books in der Lothringer_13 / Städtische Kunsthalle München (video and poster installation)
2010 Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo

A cinematic post porn poem about and made by conflicts between two deferring concepts of desire and pleasure. Desire as driven by the lack of the desired object and desire as the drive to connect and disconnect and to build microstructures, arrangements and horny textures. Pleasure as the interruption of desire or Pleasure as the invention of forms of lust and enjoyment. Arrête la machine! is using these conflicts to construct a film, not to deliver a fetish or to calm down: NO happy end, only code and flux and code and flux (D&G). A money shot into the face (of the spectator). Sex and Cinema, sexy cinema, sexitude. A deconstruction of straight LE MÈPRIS and Jules et Jim: postpone postporn happiness. Starring: well-known judgments and unknown pleasures. Clichés always tell the truth! Love For Sale: Porn is out of joint. porNO! Under construction: the penetration subject, plus three pleasure grounds: the park, the bed, the pool and an extra surplus: the Beckett Quad.